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Website Design

There are literally hundreds of web development options available to you,  from 'do it yourself' freeware, to part-time, hobby 'computer nerds', to large graphic design or web development companies.

How can you know who will do the job effectively for you?

Most people who work in the web development industry have a background either as a graphic designer or as  a web developer (technical coder). 

At Net Smart Marketing we know that great graphic design and a capable technical platform are two of the key elements to success, but they are only part of the story.

When we think of web design, we think not only of the graphic elements (the 'look and feel') and the technical 'how tos', but especially about the business needs of the client company

Our websites are:


  • designed to engage your target market
  • focused on generating leads or sales, or promoting the development of 'your' community
  • integrated with your  business marketing strategy
  • clearly focussed on improving your bottom line
  • search engine friendly
  • user friendly (easy to navigate)

When you develop your website, you need more than just a great design, more than just a 'website', you need an integrated marketing solution

That's where we specialise.  

Contact us to learn more  or to arrange a no-obligation consultation.