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eCommerce Websites


An eCommerce website development will allow you to sell products directly to your customers.  This could be as simple as taking online payments, through to complex custom-built systems.

An eCommerce website will allow you to:

  • organise your products into categories so it is easy for your site visitors to find what they are looking for
  • display images of your products accompanied by product descriptions
  • easily control pricing, including wholesale, retail, discounts, gst, etc
  • manage shipping
  • manage customer information
  • create comprehensive reports.

A successful eCommerce website is simple to navigate, clear and easy to use, reliable and trustworthy.

We will work with you in building your site, making use of robust and easy-to-use technologies so that your customers will love visiting your site.

While an eCommerce website is the starting point, an eCommerce system also includes search engine marketing, conversion architecture, email marketing and web analytics to:

  • drive targeted traffic to the site
  • ensure high conversion rates
  • maintain a conversation with customers to promote repeat orders
  • measure performance to maximise effectiveness and return on investment.

Visit one of our eCommerce websites:

Barrier Security Products 

Brown Magpie Wines


There are wonderful opportunities to make money from eCommerce, but there are thousands of websites out there, most of which do not succeed.  To maximise your success in eCommerce you need a well designed e-Marketing plan, incorporating search engine marketing and a customer retention strategy.

Net Smart Marketing can help you succeed and get a positive return on your investment.

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