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Web Copywriting

With a website, you are selling by remote control.

You are not there in person to talk with your customers, so your website has to do that for you.

Your website copy has to convince your visitors to trust you, to encourage them to read until they are satisfied that you have what they need, and then to pick up the phone, send an email message, or buy.

When web copy is created, it should always be written with this question in mind -How are you going to turn your visitors into customers?


You need to be clear about your goals. 

What do you want your visitors to do?

  • Do you want to your visitors to give you their contact information in return for a benefit you will provide so that you can begin to build an relationship with them?
  • Do you want them to register as a user of your site?
  • Do you want them to contact you by submitting a form, or by phone?
  • Do you want them to buy?


What information will your visitors need?


Your content must give your visitors the information they need to make their decision, and it must give it simply and clearly.  Badly written and poorly structured websites just serve to confuse and ultimately frustrate the web visitor.

Our Web Copywriting service

Net Smart Marketing is one of the few internet marketing firms that provide persuasive copywriting as one of their services.  That is because most web companies do not understand internet marketing as we do.

Many companies can create a good looking site for you, but few understand how to combine conversion architecture and web copywriting to create a remote selling tool.

Increasingly, our clients are asking us to provide some, if not all, of the copywriting for their websites.  You can have a great looking site that is well optimised for search engines and that has a high conversion rate -turning your visitors into customers.

If your website is not performing as you think it should, call us today on 1300 431 415 or send us a message and we will contact you.

You can try our web copywriting service on just a couple of pages of your current website if you wish.  We will be happy to help you achieve your online business goals.

Web copy for Search Engine Optimisation

The content of your pages is fundamental to your site's ranking by the search engines because it is the textual content of your site that is indexed by the search engines.  So your copy needs:

  • to be engaging and persuasive to your (human) site visitors
  • to be rich in keywords
  • to target high value keywords
  • to include links to other pages of your site

It is a challenge to find the right balance in these elements, so that your content is interesting and persuasive for your site visitors, while being keyword rich for the search engines. 

Writing for the web is a specialised skill.  It is not like writing for reports, newspapers or books.  People don't 'read' web pages, they browse them -scanning pages for interesting snippets.

We use a writing style that suits web users, always keeping an eye on 'spider food' and conversion.

Net Smart Marketing will sit down with you to fully understand your business, your customers and your business objectives.

Your website can be extraordinary.  Try our web copywriting service.  Call us today on 1800 726 090.